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Overview of the Frontline Connection

Let's face it - conflict is an everyday thing. The Frontline Connection Programme develops knowledge and understanding about why conflict happens, alternatives for conflict resolution, and the impacts and consequences of these choices for children, their families and communities. Developed specifically for the Social Studies Curriculum covering the Time, Continuity and Change and Place and Environment Strands for Level 2 to 6 it is also usable in ICT and English classes or as an integrated unit.

The Frontline Connection features:
  • Frontline a simulation game based on the challenges faced by aid workers in a war zone.
    Tips for using Frontline
  • Our Stories including 20 different real life experiences of children around the world impacted by conflict with student-friendly conflict overviews and country profiles for each story.
    Our Stories Activities
  • Information Zone 'textbook style' pages with a range of activities and worksheets allowing the student to interact with the information deepening understanding.
    Information Zone site map
  • Funzone additional activities for early finishers, rewards or just light hearted learning experiences.
  • Have your Say where students participate online and interact with a panel of experts who have worked in a variety of conflict zones including Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, East Timor and Kosovo. This section is live during March 2004 but will remain online for viewing.
  • Teacher Resources provides curriculum links, suggested learning experiences and additional resources.
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