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Tell us what you think about the Frontline Connection

1. Which World Vision resources did you use? (click on as many as apply)
Frontline simulation game
Our Stories
Information Zone
Have your say
Teacher Resources
Peace not Pieces' resource folder
'Peace not Pieces' CD
'The Long Way Home' video
'Through Innocent Eyes' video
'Finding Refuge' Poster

2. What was the main topic or syllabus focus for your unit?

3. Which Year(s) were involved? (click on as many as apply)
1 2 3   4   5   6   7
8 9 10 11 12 13

4. For each resource that you used, indicate what elements you found MOST useful or essential. (click as many as apply)
Frontline Connection
Frontline simulation game
Our Stories
Information Zone
Have your say
Teacher Resources
Other: (please list specific activities)

'Finding Refuge' poster
12 colour photos
Captions for photos
The Refugee Journey
Refugee Quotes
Impact of Refugees
Helping Refugees
Mini units & activity ideas
Other: (please list)

'Peace not Pieces' resource folder
Teacher notes booklet
12 A4 size colour photos
'Finding Refuge' poster
Conflict Information pages
Rwanda Case Study
Other: (please list)

'Peace not Pieces' CD
Printable files of the 'Peace not Pieces' resource folder
Photo set from the 'Peace not Pieces' resource folder
'Finding Refuge' poster information and photos to print out
Additional worksheets
Other: (please list)

The video 'Through Innocent Eyes'
Please comment:

The video 'The Long Way Home'
Please comment:

5. Overall, why were these elements MOST useful or essential? (choose up to three)
Suited the age level, learning and abilities of students
Fitted with the curriculum or topic being studied
Interactive, "live" or generally interesting for students
Accessible or easy to use
Good source of information on topic
Provided units, planning or a selection of activities to use
Other: (please list)

6. For the resources you did NOT use, what was the main reason for not using them? (choose up to three)
Didn't know there were other resources
Limited budget
Limited time for unit
Not suitable to the age level, learning or abilities of students
Too passive, static or generally lacked interest for students
Was not accessible or was difficult to use
Inadequate source of information on topic
Unsuitable units, planning or activities
Other: (please list)

7. What did your students enjoy most about the programme?

8. What changes did you see in your students' attitudes to people in need or to helping others, during the programme? Describe or give an example of this change.

9. What were the main reasons you decided to take part in the Frontline Connection?
The programme sounded interesting
The topic was suitable
The curriculum links and units
The programme involved students using computers and the internet
The associated material (Unit, folder, video, poster, CD etc)
To help students become more aware of global issues
To help students understand other people's situations
Previous involvement with programmes like this
The link with World Vision's aid and development work
The programme was free
Other: (please list)

10. What topics would you like for similar programmes in the future? (in order of importance)



11. What changes would improve the programme and resources?

12. Contact details (required if you want to go into the draw for World Vision education resources).
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