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Additional Resources

The Frontline Connection is one component of a set of resources. The others are:

The files are in PDF format. Click here if you need to download a programme to read them.

For more details or to order these resources http://www.worldvision.org.nz/cat_education.asp
Videos can either loaned or purchased.

Useful Websites:

Many videos could be viewed in their entirety or as excerpts to illustrate the themes covered. A few suggestions are listed to start the brainstorm. Others will immediately spring to mind.

  • 'The Killing Fields' - set in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge's reign of terror
  • 'Braveheart' - fighting for freedom in 13th Century Scotland

  • 'Nowhere in Africa' - a Jewish family take refuge in Kenya during WW2

  • 'Gandhi' - passive resistance in India (1900-1946)
  • 'The Long Walk Home' - the different lives of two women in Alabama

Other Internet Connection Programmes
Other Internet Connection Programmes can be viewed at www.worldvision.org.nz/resources/education_connections.asp
Of particular interest to the theme of conflict is:
  • The Cambodia Connection - including the Timestream Journey. This simulation allows students to 'walk in the shoes' of a Cambodian from the 1970s to the present day, facing the challenges of surviving through Cambodia's civil war, the Khmer Rouge regime and the years of upheaval that followed.
  • The Rwanda Family Connection - This compliments the Conflict Case Study and addresses one of the issues arising from the war in Rwanda - Child Families.