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Conflict in Rwanda

In Rwanda most people are from the Hutu ethnic group and some are Tutsi. The country used to be ruled by Tutsi, but this upset the Hutu. Often Hutu would attack the government.

In 1961 the Hutu became the government. Many Tutsi left Rwanda to live in Uganda because they were not treated well by the Hutu. They trained as soldiers in Uganda to fight against the Rwandan government. They attacked a couple of times, but the Hutu kept winning.

In 1994, a plane carrying the Rwandan president crashed and he was killed. Fighting then broke out between Tutsi and Hutu because Hutu blamed Tutsi for the crash. The government's Hutu army and many others began to kill Tutsi people living in Rwanda. A rebel group of mainly Tutsi invaded from Uganda to try and stop the killing. About 800,000 Rwandans of both groups died. One million more people fled the country.

A new government is now in power and is trying to rebuild what was once a peaceful country.