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Christine's Story
March 2003
Age: 12 years

Imagine living in a country where you are always scared of being bombed or killed in unprovoked attacks by soldiers.

For 12-year-old Palestinian girl Christine, that is what her life was like. She lived in a country where war was never far away. Much of the time she could live a normal life, but when fighting broke out she and her friends would have to stay at home and keep out of danger.

Sadly, Christine and her family weren't able to escape the fighting for long. They were in their car when an Israeli undercover unit opened fire on it during an attack on two Palestinians in March 2003.

Christine's sister and her mother and father, who was the principle of the Greek Orthodox School in Beit Sahour, were hurt in the attack and were taken to hospital suffering moderate to severe injuries. Christine was not so fortunate. She died in the attack.

Her friends and teachers remember Christine as a quiet girl and an exceptional student who enjoyed being a member of the local scout group in Bethlehem.

Sadly, her parents and sister couldn't make it to her funeral, because they were still in hospital recovering from their injuries.