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Palestine Country Profile
Note: Because Palestine is not recognised as a country, statistical information is scarce. Further, all figures are 2001 unless stated otherwise.

Area 26,323 sq km
Capital Jerusalem
Currency Three currencies are being used in Palestine: US dollar, Jordanian Dinar and New Israeli Shekel
Population (2002) 3.29 million
Population Growth Rate 4.27 %
Birth Rate 39.6 births/1,000 population
Death Rate 5.2 deaths/1,000 population
Infant Mortality Rate 27.4 deaths/1,000 live births
Life Expectancy at Birth 71.8
Ethnic Groups Arab
Religions Islam
Languages Arabic, Hebrew
Literacy 84%
GNP* US$1,537 per capita
Population Below Poverty Line 59%
Industries ?
Debt - external (2002) ?
*Gross National Product, or value of all final goods and services produced within the nation.