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Conflict in Iraq

The kingdom of Iraq was established in 1932. Since then, Iraq and the United States have been both friends and enemies.

In 1990, Iraq invaded its neighbour Kuwait. The United Nations disagreed with the invasion, so attacked Iraq, backed by United States forces. Iraq surrendered and was told to destroy all its most powerful weapons.

The United Nations suspected Iraq's leader, Saddam Hussein, still had many of the weapons hidden. In 2003, the United Nations sent people to investigate, but no weapons were found. The United States and some other western countries, still believed Saddam was hiding the weapons. So they attacked Iraq but Saddam escaped.

Many countries and the United Nations did not support the US-led war. Some countries believe the United States wanted to protect their access to Iraq's oil and that is why they attacked.

Iraq is now under control of the United States until a new government is organised.