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Tayehbeh's Story
December 2001
Age: Six years

It's cold living in a tent in the refugee camp and six-year-old Tayehbeh doesn't want to be here. She misses her home and the friends she used to play with in her neighbourhood.

Even though she is cold, tired and scared, Tayehbeh knows she is lucky to be alive. Other people weren't so lucky.

Tayehbeh says she can't remember all the details of what happened to her. She ran with her family from their house when United States planes began bombing the area during the war in 2001, but lost consciousness when a flying object hit her in the head. Tayehbeh was carried by her parents to the Mahaki refugee camp on the border with Iran.

"If you touch my head I get a bad headache. I am asking God that peace will come to my country," she says.

Tayehbeh doesn't understand why her country is being bombed. Now they are in the refugee camp, she doesn't need to worry about bombs, but there are other things to be afraid of. Tayehbeh's family has nothing with them - no proper clothes for the extreme cold and the winter is just starting. Sometimes the winds are so bad the tents are blown away.

Fortunately there are people trying to help Tayehbeh. World Vision paid women from Afghan refugee families living in Iran to make quilts and then distributed them to people like Tayehbeh who are living in camps. This brought a smile to Tayehbeh's face, and a happy memory.