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Impact of refugees

Refugees or internally displaced people may be accepted because people know they have nowhere else to go. However, the people giving them refuge face increasing problems too. The more refugees there are, the more impact they have on the place and the local people who are already living there. When refugees have no option but to stay year after year, the population and the pressures may also increase.

     Refugee camp map  
  1. Rank the main headings in the star diagram in order of greatest impact (1) to least impact (6). Write an explanation as to why you ranked the impacts this way.

  2. Draw a diagram or map of a refugee camp showing all the problems listed in the star diagram.
    • Add notes to show each problem.
    • For each problem add a simple, low cost solution.
    • Colour code your diagram using one colour for problems and another colour for solutions.
    • Make sure you give your diagram/map a title.