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Refugees - people who withdraw

Facing conflict: what are the alternatives?
In conflict situations like war many people choose to withdraw and leave their homes to find refuge in a place they think is safer. People who find refuge in another country are called refugees. Those who find refuge within the borders of their own country are called internally displaced people (IDPs).

The choice to withdraw is often not really a choice at all but rather people are forced to flee their homes out of fear for their lives or their freedom.

War is one of the five main reasons why people become refugees. The other four are:
Environment - people are forced to flee from flood, fire or drought, sometimes due to natural causes and sometimes created by people.
Politics - dictatorships and state repression threaten opposition groups, trade unions, other groups who do not agree with them.
Persecution - repression puts people in danger because of their race, religion, gender or sexuality.
Economics - people leave their countries because they are poor and hope for a better life elsewhere.

     Refugee video watch
  1. Print the Refugee Video Watch worksheet. The file is in PDF format. Click here if you need to download a programme to read the file.
  2. Watch the Refugee video clip and complete the answers.
    (Please note - this requires Windows Media Player 8 or greater)

    Click Here to download the Refugee video clip.
  3. This video was filmed in 1995. Search this website to find the most recent figures on refugees that you can. Make a note of these figures on your worksheet.
  4. Link to Our Stories to read about children who have become refugees because of war in their countries.