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Causes of war
Of the more than 150 major conflicts since World War II, 130 have been fought in the developing world. This diagram below shows the connections between poverty and conflict within a country.

Outside intervention from other countries can affect the duration and intensity of a conflict. It can prolong and intensify a conflict, because a country can see ways to best serve their own self-interests. For example, a country may become involved in order to make economic gain by selling weapons to one or both sides in a war.

Another example is the conflict in Uganda. A group known as the "Lord's Resistance Army" (LRA) has been carrying on an armed rebellion against the Government of Uganda for many years. The rebel forces have killed thousands of civilians. The Government of Sudan, a neighbouring country, has provided the LRA with sanctuary, food, weapons and other military support. In return, the LRA assists the Sudanese Government in suppressing local resistance groups.

On the other hand, intervention can help bring conflict to an end sooner than would have occurred otherwise. An example of this is the combined interventions of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands Forum countries in the Solomon Islands at the request of the Solomon Islands Government. On the brink of social and economic collapse, the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) has largely restored law and order, basic government services to the people and an end to the terror they were living in. Ongoing investigations and reform continue to help build a stronger and more just society for the future.

     Write a press release
Choose a country that is currently at war.
Imagine you are a journalist.
Your editor has asked for a press release focussing on:
• what has caused the war and
• the effects the war is having on the people and the country.
Research to find out the information needed to write the press release.
Present your information as a press release.

Tips for writing a successful press release