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Conflict happens
Why conflict happens

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Why conflict happens
The main reason why conflict happens is because an individual or a group emphasises a difference. These differences can be about:

  • what resources you have or don't have e.g. land or minerals
  • ideas and beliefs e.g. religion or types of political systems
  • who you are or what you do e.g. cultural or ethnic identity, age, gender
  • who has power and who doesn't e.g. poverty

     Conflict cartoons
A cartoon is a drawing that makes a comment in a funny and often exaggerated way about a person event or issue.

Think of a situation in your own life where you were involved in a conflict.
Design a cartoon strip that illustrates this conflict clearly showing:
• the two individuals or groups of people involved.
• the difference that caused the conflict.

Publish your class cartoons
• in a book for your school library or
• as a powerpoint presentation for a school assembly or
• on your school website.