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Why conflict happens

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Let's get real...conflict happens

What is conflict?

Conflict is natural and normal, a realistic part of living and learning in the company of others. People are different and so have different needs and wants. These differences give rise to conflict.

Conflict can take place between two individuals or groups of people as they try and work out these differences. They may be friends or strangers, family members or schoolmates, different groups in your local community or country, or between countries.

Conflict can take a very short time to find a solution or it can take years, sometimes even centuries.

Conflict is not always a bad thing. It can lead to the birth of new ideas or bring different people together as they try to find a solution. However some conflict is destructive and violent.

     A conflict wordfinder
  1. Make a list all the words you relate to conflict.
  2. Share your words with another person and make a combined list together.
  3. Use this list to construct a wordfinder together using Discovery School’s puzzlemaker at:
  4. Print your wordfinder and swap with another pair.