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Introducing Paul Henry

Hi everyone. My name is Paul Henry and I live in Auckland, but regularly travel the world as a foreign correspondent.

My work has taken me to every continent to report on conflicts, famines, wars and world events. It can be tough seeing the world at its worst. But I'm a firm believer in each of us being informed and doing what we can to try and help innocent people who are caught up in these events.

I've seen the work of World Vision during crisis situations and have a deep admiration for the way they operate. Last year I took my 14-year-old daughter Lucy to Tanzania, DR Congo and Uganda to make a documentary on how poverty in the developing world can impact on a New Zealand child. It was an amazing experience for her and also for me, to see how easily Lucy could relate to these children, and see her find out for herself how much difference we can make by getting involved.

I was born in New Zealand, but moved to England as a child. I worked for BBC Radio and Television before returning to New Zealand. Since being back I've also hosted shows on radio and television as well as being a newsreader, producer and senior manager for public radio. At the moment, I produce independent TV programmes and host a nationwide breakfast talk show on Radio Pacific.

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