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Introducing Andrea Swinburne-Jones

Great to see you here. My name is Andrea Swinburne-Jones and I'm a communications officer for World Vision Australia.

Since joining World Vision in 1999, I've worked on emergency relief programmes in Mozambique, Zambia, Somalia, Indonesia and Iraq.

I have been based in Amman, Jordan for almost a year covering communications for World Vision's response to the Iraq crisis. Although I don't live in Iraq, I've travelled there many times to find out what is happening to the families who have been caught up in the war. I take photos and write stories for World Vision to send to media around the world.

It can be sad visiting families who are suffering because of the war in their country. Like the time we spoke with a woman who lost her husband and son during the war. We were all crying: me, our translator and her family. But there are happy times too. It is rewarding to see the fantastic work World Vision is doing with local communities. Bringing clean water to children in schools is a joy to witness.

Before I joined World Vision I studied journalism in Australia before travelling through western Europe, Japan and southern Africa. My interest in travel and wanting to make a difference through my journalism is what led me to join World Vision.

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