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Introducing James Addis

Hi, my name is James Addis and I'm World Vision New Zealand's press officer.

As the press officer, I work in both New Zealand and overseas bringing the stories of people affected by war to the attention of the media. My first overseas assignment was in Rwanda in 1996, when I reported on the return of the refugees who had fled to Tanzania and Zaire during the war in Rwanda.

Two years later, I spent nine months in Sudan, reporting on the war and famine situation. I escorted journalists and television crews to the hardest hit areas and wrote stories for World Vision to distribute to media in their own countries.

It was in Sudan that I witnessed the plight of starving children for the first time. But I was also lucky to see how aid can help people - one of my lasting memories is the transformation of silent, scared children into bright and cheerful children because they were being cared for and fed.

Since those two early experiences, I've also undertaken assignments in hotspots such as Kosovo, East Timor, Ethiopia and Iraq. My most recent assignment was in January when I went to Iran after the devastating earthquake in Bam.

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