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Tell us what you thought about the Frontline Connection.

A. What things did you like?
Choose a smiley face beside the activities you did which you enjoyed.
Choose an unhappy face beside activities you did which you didn't enjoy.
If you didn't do the activity then don't choose a face.

Playing 'Frontline' the online simulation of relief workers in a war zone
Reading 'Our Stories' and finding out about the countries
Learning more about conflict in the 'Information Zone
Completing the puzzles in the 'Fun Zone'
Taking part in the audioconferences over the phone
Sending a postcard of hope in 'Have your say'
Asking questions of the panel of experts
Registering my thoughts on the 'Opinion Poll'
Taking part in the 'Online forum discussions'
Watching the video 'Through Innocent Eyes? the Children of War'
Watching the video 'The Long Way Home' about refugees
Using the photos from the poster 'Finding Refuge'

Are there any other things you liked or disliked about the 'Frontline Connection' experience? (tell us about it)

B. How would you make the Frontline Connection website better?

C. Choose the main thing that describes why you looked at this website
My class at school did the Frontline Connection
I did a project and used the information
I was interested in this topic
I just looked at the website
Other (tell us about it)

D. Tick the main time that you used the website
At school in my class
At school on my own
At home
Other (tell us about it)

E. Is there anything else you want to say about the Frontline Connection?

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G. What is your name? (required)

H. What is your school's name? (required)

I. Which country do you come from? (required)

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