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Have Your Say: Audio conferences

Audio conference #3 with Phil Maher, 30th March 2004.
Click on a question to hear the answer.

1. How does the experience of living in different countries affect your life?
(Mansell Senior)

2. Do you have a family and if so do they travel with you sometimes? How do they cope while you are away?
(Otumaetai Intermediate)

3. Have you ever wanted to quit your job?
(Otumaetai Intermediate)

4. What is the country with the most conflict and why does it have so much conflict?
(Weston School)

5. Why are most areas of conflict in Asia and Africa more than other places? Why do you think we don't have conflict in NZ, Australia and Canada?
(Mansell Senior)

6. I think you said that you were in Haiti when the conflict began. How do you decide where to go, and when to go some place?
(Mansell Senior)

7. What is the poverty like in Haiti?
Otumaetai Intermediate)

8. Have you ever had to leave a building due to war, how much time did they give you?
(Weston School)

9. Have you ever seen a rebel, and what do they look like?
(Weston School)

10. Please tell us about one profound moment that has happened to you?
(Mansell Senior)

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