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Have Your Say: Audio conferences

Audio conference #2 with Phil Maher, 23rd March 2004.
Click on a question to hear the answer.

1. What are the most important ways World Vision helps in war-torn countries?
(Vauxhall School)

2. What is your role once you are in a war torn country?
(Vauxhall School)

3. Is there a child that you wrote about that you feel most for? And if so, why?
(Mansell Senior)

4. What act gave you the most sense of achievement?
(Vauxhall School - born in Canada)

5. What was the most difficult experience you have had in your work?
(Mansell Senior)

6. How do refugees cook their food if there is no electricity? And what do they eat?
(Avondale Primary)

7. How do refugees travel?
(Tyler, Avondale Primary)

8. How do refugees have a bath and keep clean?
(Kieran Ball, Avondale Primary)

9. How much education do refugee children get?
(Avondale Primary)

10. Do boys get more attention than girls?
(Avondale Primary)

11. Do you sometimes see people who are happy and settled in their new life after being refugees?
(Mansell Senior)

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