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Have Your Say: Audio conferences

Introducing Phil Maher the Frontline Connection audio conference speaker.

Hi everyone! My name is Philip Maher and I help manage communications for World Vision Canada.

I've worked for World Vision for over 20 years, reporting from famine and war zones such as Somalia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda, Afghanistan and Albania. It has been a humbling experience travelling to more than 80 countires telling the stories of the poor wherever I go. I'm just returned to Canada from a trip to Africa.

I often think that those of us who live in the 'first' world have not come far from the village. Like the people I visit in Africa, we still like to sit around a fire and have someone tell us a story. That's what I try to do through my stories and photos. In doing so, I hope to raise awareness about the plight of hurting people around the world who are poor or in war-torn countries.

Last year I was invited by World Vision to visit New Zealand and speak to school students, like you, about what is happening in the world. It was heartening to find that even though you are far from the world of disasters and hunger, so many of you wanted to find out how to help.

It's great to know that you are learning about children in other countries. I'm really looking forward to joining you in the audio conferences and answering your questions - thanks for caring.

A recording of each audio conference is below. Choose the audio conference you wish to listen to, then click on each question to hear the answer.

Audio conference #1 - Tuesday 16th March 2004, 9.30am

Audio conference #2 - Tuesday 23rd March 2004, 9.30am

Audio conference #3 - Tuesday 30th March 2004, 9.30am