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Fun Zone: Information Zone Quiz

Challenge yourself with this quiz. All the answers are somewhere in the Information Zone!
If you need a clue, click on the link beside each question. It will take you to a page that contains the answer.
1. There have only been 230 years without war over the last:
Hint: War - what is it good for?
     1,500 years
     2,500 years
     3,500 years
     4,500 years

2. In the 1990s the number of children killed and seriously injured were:
Hint: Injury or death
     six million killed and two million injured
     four million killed and six million injured
     two million killed and four million injured
     two million killed and six million injured

3. About 250 000 children under 18 years old served as child soldiers in:
Hint: Child Soldiers

4. What was the approximate world-wide military spending in 1995?
Hint: Weapons vs welfare
     US$80 billion
     US$100 billion
     US$800 billion
     US$8 billion

5. How many children have been orphaned by wars in the last decade?
Hint: War breaks up families
     more than one million children
     about one million children
     about five hundred thousand children
     less than five hundred thousand children

6. Refugees are people who seek safety and refuge:
Hint: Refugees - people who withdraw
     in rich countries
     in any country outside their own country
     within the borders of their own country
     in only neighbouring countries

7. Where did the largest number of refugees leave from in 2002?
Hint: Facts and figures

8. At the beginning of 2003, most people of concern to the UNHCR were in what region?
Hint: Facts and figures

9. What is NOT included in the diagram that shows how non-governmental organisations help in conflict zones?
Hint: Peace not pieces
     helping refugees
     rehabilitation for ex-soldiers
     cease-fire negotiations
     food deliveries to war zones

10. In the Four Steps to Conflict Resolution, what is the third step?
Hint: Conflict resolution
     What could actually be done?
     How do you feel about it?
     What is the problem? What has happened?
     What would you like to happen?