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Fun Zone: Passport

Visit all the places on the Story Map and stamp your passport to show you've been there.

Making your passport

  1. Click here to open the passport. Print it double-sided if you can. Otherwise stick the two pages together or photocopy them double-sided. The passport is in PDF format. Click here if you need to download a programme to read the file.
  2. Cut the page in half along the dotted line.
  3. Fold both pages down the centre and put them together with the cover on the outside.
  4. Staple your pages together and fill in your name and other details. Include your photo if you have one.

Filling in your passport
  1. Visit Our Stories.
  2. Choose one child and place to visit and click on their photo or the country name.
  3. Find one interesting fact about the country and one interesting thing you learned about the child.
  4. Now find the matching stamp in your passport. Write your interesting facts in the space beside it and colour in the stamp.
  5. Visit all the other children and countries on the map and write down your interesting facts.
  6. Colour each passport stamp as you travel around the world and sign your passport when you have coloured them all.