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Fun Zone: Conflict Crossword

Print this page and complete the crossword.

1.   A war between groups within a country (5,3)
4.   A place of shelter or protection (6)
6.   A temporary agreement to stop fighting (5)
11. Settling a dispute through agreement (10)
13. A discussion that aims to reach an agreement (11)
14. Apologising and expressing regret or sorrow (6)

2.   A person who seeks refuge in another country (7)
3.   Someone who brings about peace between others (10)
5.   A child whose parents have died (6)
7.   Choosing to overlook past actions of another (7)
8.   A person who doesn't belong to the armed forces (8)
9.   Freedom from war and harmony between people (5)
10. Emotional shock (7)
11. A disagreement, argument or fight between people, or groups of people (8)
12. Setting up home in another place (8)

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